Agreements with companies that are leaders in the sector

  Alphabet is part of the BMW group and deals with long-term car rentals of any brand. It offers transport services in 18 countries, with custom-made solutions and high quality services to lead you with care, passion and sustainability in the management of your vehicles.
  Drive Service manages the car fleet of some of the greatest Italian companies and offers specialised services to car rental operators and car leasing operators. It has been established for over 20 years of expertise and experience and it covers a network of over 10.000 service centres spread all over the national territory.
  Associazione dei dipendenti delle agenzie fiscali. The main objective of this Association is to organise, within the limits of its budget availability, a number of initiatives for its members’ spare time as well as any other initiative, on behalf of its members and in their own interest, oriented to non-profit activities and services. In order to reach these goals the Association may subscribe agreements and conventions and be part of, or take part in companies or institutions; it may carry out commercial activities, both marginal and instrumental in order to reach the institutional goals.
  CRAL INFN Recreational company group for the employees of the laboratories located in Frascati and of the Central Administrative offices of INFN.
  In collaboration with Hertz Italiana S.p.A. we have a number of cars and vans of all categories available at our premises. We can thus meet any needs, at any given time, with special conditions reserved to our customers. Please contact our office for any further information, for terms and conditions and costs of rental.